Color Passport System





Color Passport System




Guessing color is history

Color makes the difference, every day. For companies, brand owners and individuals. Their wellbeing and almost every decision they make is influenced by color. The patented COLOR NAVIGATOR offers a scientific base to make brand color dashboards, product color dashboards and a company color strategy. Color Navigator leverages creativity, increases sales, optimizes purchasing and reduces stock levels.  We change the way professionals understand and work with color for ever. It is time to take color seriously.



The patented COLOR NAVIGATOR is the first intelligent color system based on the DNA of a color, which can be translated into a clear color strategy and mapping for a brand, a product range or a project. Understanding color, communicating color, combining color and working with color across industries and professionals will never be the same again. 



The right colors sell. But the right color for the right consumer in the right territory sells even better. That is how our Color Experts and clients use the ground-breaking COLOR NAVIGATOR to eliminate the guessing. By making a clear color profile based on your market data and target audience, we are able to predict and map which colors will work.  



COLOR NAVIGATOR has been translated into compelling products, software and services. Besides embedding color into QC and reduce approval cycles, it can also contribute to more sustainable operations. Companies are able to forecast & monitor purchasing more accurately, reduce SKU’s and improve stock rotations.


My Color Passport



My Color Passport



Your Digital Color Shopper

My Color Passport is your personal digital color shopper. It knows you and the colors that make you shine and happy. When shopping online or offline your color ID will be recognised and identify your best colors in fashion, cosmetics, accessories, etc. You will be more confident than ever, including when combining colors and decorating your home. 

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My Color Passport patented technology is a scientifically based color analysis that has been translated into a compelling User Experience. Our algorithm uses all the knowledge we have on color and buyer persona's to identify your color profile, your cosmetic and perfume match as well as your consumer persona. This allows us to offer the most personal shopping experience.  

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Your digital My Color Passport color ID identifies the products of retailers and E-commerce platforms that are a perfect match for you. This way you are able to avoid mispurchases when shopping, reduce returns and feel much more confident! In your personal app and feed you get the products that have been selected to match with your personal profile. Meet your personal color coach!

E-Commerce & SMART DATA

E-commerce stands before important challenges today to match a demand for a more personal offer with a need for rationalising the operational costs, including the effect of return policies. My Color Passport is the answer. We also know the personality of the consumer and can add very important Smart Data to the existing historic data of retailers and E-commerce platforms. 


UQ Talents

UQ Talents

Identifying, Developing & Sharing Talents

UQ is about identifying, matching and sharing talents. A new vision on collaboration. It is based on a unique Talent Scan and a platform for positive, dynamic and talent-based Working, Coaching & HR. The UQ Test is based on unconscious choices, fast, engaging and reveals your genuine UQ or talent DNA. By sharing your talents UQ can connect people, empower careers and inspire teams!

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UQ talent Scan

The UQ Talent Scan is a revolution in the personality assessment market. It is intuitive, takes less than 5 minutes and is IQ- and language independent. It tells you what really motivates you and what your core talents are. It is impossible to answer in a socially desirable way and therefore the result is accurate and sometimes surprising. UQ wants you to understand and share your talents.


Uq talent experts

The certified UQ Experts and HR professionals are trained to perform the UQ Talent Scan and interpret the coach dashboard for personal- and team coaching. The UQ experts are skilled in various disciplines and have access to all the available coaching and evaluation tools. The UQ Team configurator offers a wealth of information for both coaches and self-steering teams. 

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Uq-connect, DIGITAL IT IS!

The most important part is not only identifying talents but matching and sharing them. Every day. We offer many digital SaaS options to connect and share your talents with other software solutions or on our own platform and UQ app.  Work is much more fun and dynamic when everybody uses and shares their talents!  The future of new collaboration starts now!